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Want FREE HR Advice? Here’s how to get it…

29th September 2017   .   3 minutes read

I answer quick HR questions from UK business owners for free. Find out how you can get involved and ask your question or have the weekly Q&A sent straight to your inbox … read more

Why I decided to offer affordable HR Support to small businesses

28th September 2017   .   7 minutes read

Read my story on why I offer Flexible, Affordable & Convenient HR Support. Plus I reveal the 3 ways you can get HR advice and knowledge for free. … read more

Should I hire an employee, worker or contractor? And why it REALLY matters!

11th July 2017   .   10 minutes read

When you’ve decided that now is the right time to hire someone, the next step is deciding whether you should hire an employee, a worker or a freelancer (aka the employment status). Here's what you need to know.

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7 common HR mistakes made by small business owners

11th June 2017   .   8 minutes read

Want to know how to avoid the most common mistakes that business owners make when it comes to HR? I share my top 7 examples, based on real life experience working with businesses with 1 to 50 employees.

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How to write a more compelling job advert and hire better people

9th May 2017   .   5 minutes read

  If you can create a job advert that makes people want to work for you, then you’re more likely to hire someone brilliant. Fact. Here I share a few ways you can stand out in a competitive market. … read more

Want to know the secret to hiring the right person every time?

8th May 2017   .   9 minutes read

Hiring the right person can be game-changing for both you and your business. But getting it wrong can be a nightmare. Here's my 3 top tips to help you make consistently great hiring decisions. … read more

Do I have to pay my staff double pay, if they work weekends? 

27th September 2017   .   4 minutes read

Each week, I answer a quick HR question from a UK business owner. Read this weeks question about paying overtime and learn how you can get involved and ask your question for free! … read more

Revealed: Answers to 7 common HR questions [from business owners]

12th August 2017   .   7 minutes read

Confused about what HR can do for your business? I share my answers to the 7 most common questions I get from business owners about HR, the law and people management. … read more

How HR can impact the bottom line in small businesses

1st June 2017   .   8 minutes read

Did you know that HR is more than just hiring and firing. It can reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profits. I explain how it impacts your bottom line. … read more

Don’t get Sued! 3 reasons why employees sue their employers (+ how to prevent it)

9th May 2017   .   9 minutes read

Read about the most common reasons that employees sue their employers and my top tips on how you can avoid being taken to an employment tribunal. … read more

So you want to know more about me?

2nd October 2016   .   9 minutes read

My name is Mandy Hamerla and I'm the founder of HR Refresh. Read more about why experience in HR and why I founded HR Refresh … read more

What does a HR Director actually do? And how do I know if I need one?

5th September 2016   .   6 minutes read

If you're thinking about getting some HR support, or if you already have a HR Manager, you may be left wondering what does a HR Director actually do? And how do I know if I need one? Here's my view. … read more

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