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5 really useful tips to becoming a better boss: No matter now busy you are

2nd February 2018

Keen to improve your people management skills, but short on time? Or perhaps you're not sure what you can do differently to be a better boss? Here's 5 things I've seen work brilliantly, which you can try today…… read more

Want FREE HR Advice? Here’s how you can work with me for free.

31st January 2018

If you're a UK business looking for some HR advice, but not sure if you need a 1-1 session, training or any of my how-to guides at this point, I'd like to tell you about 3 ways you can work with me for free... … read more

Want to know the secret to hiring the right person every time?

30th January 2018

Hiring the right person can be game-changing for both you and your business. But getting it wrong can be a nightmare. Here's my 3 top tips to help you make consistently great hiring decisions. … read more

How to write a more compelling job advert, so you can attract better people

28th January 2018

If you can create a job advert that attracts the best people to work for you, then you’re more likely to hire someone brilliant. Fact. Here I share a few tips to create a job ad that stands out in a competitive market. … read more

How to avoid costly HR mistakes, often made by small business owners

27th January 2018

Want to know how to avoid the most common mistakes that business owners, make when it comes to HR? I share my top 7 examples, based on real life experience working with a range of small businesses .… read more

Revealed: Answers to 7 common HR questions [from business owners]

26th January 2018

Confused about your HR responsibilities and what you actually need to know as an employer? I share my answers to the 7 most common questions I get from business owners about all things HR and the law … read more

3 commons reasons why staff sue their employers (+ how to prevent it)

25th January 2018

We've seen a growing number of employment tribunal cases in the UK and the rise of a 'compensation culture'. Learn why employees sue their employer and how can you prevent it from happening to you. … read more

So you want to know more about me? Here’s everything you need to know

23rd January 2018

Perhaps you've read my 'About' page, but now you're looking for more information about me, before committing to working together. Here's everything you need to know about my career so far. … read more

How game-changing HR strategies can impact the bottom line, in small businesses

21st January 2018

Did you know that HR is more than just hiring and firing? Working with an HR professional can enable you to reduce costs, improve performance and increase profits. Here's how we impact your bottom line. … read more

My question is: Do I have to pay my staff double pay, if they work weekends? 

20th January 2018

I get lots of quick questions from small business owners, which I'm happy to answer for free. This one is a good example. If you've got a HR question, find out how I can help you, without it costing you a penny. … read more

What does a HR Director actually do? And how will you know if you need one?

17th January 2018

If you're thinking about getting some HR support for your growing business, and you're not sure whether you need the expertise of a HR Administrator, Manager or Director, let me explain the difference. … read more

Why HR Refresh is a ‘refreshingly different’ type of HR for small business owners

16th January 2018

Read my story on why HR Refresh offers flexible, affordable & convenient HR Support. Plus I reveal the 3 ways you can get HR advice and knowledge for free. … read more

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