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GDPR: What is it and what the HR implications for small businesses with employees 

16th March 2018

It’s almost 20 years since the Data Protection Act was introduced! So, the EU leaders felt it's time for a revamp and consequently have introduced the General Data Protection Regulations (known as GDPR), which comes into effect on 25th May 2018. … read more

Think planning an induction for your new employee is a waste of time? Then think again

21st February 2018

An Induction is basically the process we use to welcome new employees into your business and help to and prepare them for their new role. It may be time-consuming but it's really important to get right. … read more

My #1 tip for hiring a Virtual Assistant (and what to do before you hire one)

12th February 2018

The concept of outsourcing your business admin to a virtual assistant (VA) is not that new, but it’s a practice that has really grown in popularity over recent years and now everyone wants to hire a VA. … read more

The no. 1 question you should NEVER ask when interviewing someone (plus free cheatsheet)

5th February 2018

If you're a business owner, it's likely that you interview people, as part of your hiring process. But if you're asking this question, either to make conversation or because you're curious, it could get you into trouble... … read more

Want to know the secret to hiring the right person every time?

30th January 2018

Hiring the right person can be game-changing for both you and your business. But getting it wrong can be a nightmare. Here's my 3 top tips to help you make consistently great hiring decisions. … read more

Confused about hiring employees vs. contractor? With free downloadable cheatsheet

29th January 2018

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that employees and contractors are basically the same thing. They aren’t. Here I explain the differences and why it's important. You can also download my free guide!… read more

How to write a more compelling job advert, so you can attract better people

28th January 2018

If you can create a job advert that attracts the best people to work for you, then you’re more likely to hire someone brilliant. Fact. Here I share a few tips to create a job ad that stands out in a competitive market. … read more

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