Want FREE HR Advice? Here’s how you can work with me for free.

31st January 2018

If you’re a UK business looking for some HR advice, but not sure if you need a 1-1 session, training or any of my how-to guides at this point, I’d like to tell you about 3 ways you can work with me for free…

1. Join my secret Facebook community – Hire, Fire & Inspire

I get so many quick questions from business owners that I decided to launch a Facebook group, so that everyone can benefit from my advice. It’s a secret group, so people won’t see that you’re in it and it’s only for UK business owners that are thinking about hiring their first employee or already have a small team.

Here’s the group’s description:



Each week I’ll be answering your burning HR questions!

Past example questions include:

‘I’ve hired someone and just received a terrible reference from their former employer. What can I do?’


‘I have someone who’s constantly calling in sick, but I don’t believe it’s genuine. Can I fire them for this?’

If there’s something you’d rather not ask publicly you can send questions via messenger anonymously and I’ll answer them within the Facebook Live. And I’ll be sharing my tips and free HR resources too.  

Click here to join my secret Facebook group – called Hire, Fire & Inspire – with Mandy Hamerla

2. Read my other blogs

I write about how to deal with tricky employee issues and share my tips on how to hire, manage + motivate people and I tend to add two new blogs per week. Use category bar at the top to filter.

Click here to view all my blogs

If you have a topic you want me to right about, then do email me at mandy@hrrefresh.co.uk

3. Download my free Resources

Within my shop, I have a number of free resources, which include a people management guide, explaining the difference between hiring employees vs. contractors, a risk assessment which you can use for your business and more!

Feel free to download as many resources as you like.

Well, that’s it. 3 easy ways you can work with me. I hope to see you in my Facebook group very soon. 



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