Are you hiring for the first time?

Hiring the first employee for your business can be a very daunting task. And unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t have the skills, knowledge or interview techniques to hire somebody amazing first time. They make costly mistakes and learn as they go – and then hire people like me to fix them. So, I wanted to create some affordable resources that would change that and help you hire SMART from the START.

Hiring Tools & Templates

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It covers everything you need to know about how and when to hire your first employee


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This includes a Contract Template, HR Policies and much more, to meet your legal requirements


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Perfect for new managers wanting training on how to manage and motivate people


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A combination of my most popular HR services, including unlimited resources, training & Consultancy


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You can also join my free Facebook community, called Hire, Fire & Inspire. This is where you can ask me your questions and get my tips and practical strategies around hiring and managing people.


Read my book

My book is packed full of invaluable advice to help you hire someone brilliant. As well as teaching you the essential things like writing compelling job adverts, how to interview like a pro and spot the liars. It also covers things like payroll, insurance, getting references and much much more!


You might also like:

Employment Contract Template

This Employment Contract Template is in Word format (with easy to follow instructions and FAQs). Not having one could leave you open to BIG legal risks.

Self-Employed Contractor Agreement

If you’re not ready to commit to hiring an employee, then you might be best to hire a self-employed contractor, which offers more flexibility.

Causal Worker / Zero-Hours

If you want to hire someone who works ‘ad hoc’ hours (i.e. as and when you need them) then a Casual Worker could be exactly what you need.

Employee Handbook Template

This is a document which contains the HR policies you need to meet your legal obligations. You give a copy to your new employees when they join you.