How game-changing HR strategies can impact the bottom line, in small businesses

21st January 2018

Did you know that HR is more than just hiring and firing? Working with an HR professional can enable you to reduce costs, improve performance and increase profits. Here’s how we impact your bottom line.


1. Saving you money 

In my role of HR Director I’ve saved a lot of companies, a lot of money. And we’re not talking small amounts. We’re talking £250,000+

How you ask? By identifying weaknesses or blockers to achieving business goals, but also by identifying new opportunities.

Example 1: One of my clients had a team of 20 people. However, their company was bloated. People in the team were unclear about their role and responsibilities because there was so much overlap. Having this many people was expensive and causing conflict and confusion (too many cooks in the kitchen). So, we worked together to build out the perfect company structure (i.e. the right number of roles with the required skills) and saved a ton of money.

Example 2: A company was struggling to attract good quality people so they were spending a fortune on recruitment agencies but they still weren’t getting what they needed. I worked with them to revamp their employer brand and hiring strategy, which enabled them to achieve their goal and save a fortune.

2. Reducing Risk

A lot of HR is about helping you avoid costly mistakes.

One of my clients had been running for 5 years with a team of 8 people. But they had no employment contracts in place, no HR Policies in place and no right to work documents in place. I was brought in to put all the HR essentials in place. This was something the business owner than been thinking about for years but never got round to and he was so happy to finalise have peace of mind that he was legally compliant.

3. Skyrocketing Performance and Profit

This is the most fun part of my job.

There is a proven link between employee engagement (i.e. people that work for you going the extra mile, working hard and being positive) and profit.

I create innovative HR strategies that increase employee engagement in order to drive up profit. I’ve achieved this in a number of ways, such as helping to build a high-performing team, firing people who are toxic and drain time and energy and changing the company structure so people have greater clarity or play more to their strengths.

4. Helping business owners to lead with more confidence

If you’re business is successfully growing but you’ve never had proper training on how to lead or manage a team, then you may lack confidence or feel on the back foot. People are complex, demanding, confusing and sometimes tricky to work with. Helping you with core skills such as interviewing, having difficult conversations, tackling poor performance and more, means that you can make better decisions and ultimately build a strong and respectful team.

5. Greater Efficiency

Some companies, no matter what size, have an opportunity to be more efficient, in order to sell more and increase customer satisfaction.

This could be because of many things, but often it can be the systems you have in place or the way employees work together. This is ultimately your ways of working.

By looking at the team dynamic and figuring out what’s working well and what’s not working well, and helping you make the relevant changes.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how HR can help your business.

If you’re interested in working with me, do get in touch.

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