HR Advice (1 hour call)

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Need some help with a tricky HR/employee issue that’s draining your time and energy? Let’s talk it through and find you a solution.

This is for you if you want: 

  • Urgent HR advice from an experienced HR Director on topics like absence, disciplinary, dismissals, bad behaviour, poor performance and redundancies
  • Help to solve tricky employee issue without the frustration of textbook answers
  • Peace of mind that you are acting within the law
  • The convenience of booking a call online and knowing how much it costs

Here’s how it works

Step 1: You book online the date and time you want and give me a summary of the issue. You’ll also be required to make the payment at this point which is £199 per hour.

The topic could be anything HR related, such as:

  • Absence
  • Bullying / Discrimination claims
  • Disciplinary or Dismissals
  • Employee Complaints / Grievances
  • Employee Engagement & Motivation
  • Dealing with flexible Working Requests
  • Bad hires / Failing Probation
  • Poor Performance / Bad attitudes / Lazy Employees
  • Planning for difficult conversations
  • Restructures & Redundancy

Step 2: We have our 1-1 call.

At the agreed time, I’ll call you to discuss the issue and we’ll brainstorm a resolution. I’ll advise on the options and risks so you can make an informed decision.

If you want additional help, I can prepare the relevant documents and action plan for you and help you through the process (at an additional cost of £199 per hour or you can check out my bundles).

Step 3: You implement the action plan

After the call, you’ll have clarity around how to tackle the issue. And you’ll get an email summary of what we discussed


Q1. What if I don’t use the full 60 mins?

If it’s a tricky employee issue, it’s unlikely we won’t use the majority of the time, but I’m happy to provide extra support on another matter if needed

Q2. What if I want extra support from you?

I’m happy to provide ongoing support as required. The cost is £199 per hour or you can purchase a bundle.

Q3. I just have a very quick question. Can you help me?

You can ask me quick HR questions for free via my free Facebook community. If it’s too complex to give you a simple answer, then you’ll need to book this service. You can join my community here

5.00 Read reviews (3)

Customer reviews

5.00 Read reviews (3)

    Mandy is a dream to work with. We worked together at a very difficult time in my business when I really needed some support with staffing and managing challenging situations, Mandy made the process clear, calm and professional, she is incredibly skilled at what she does.

    If you are looking for help with ANYTHING to do with HR, staffing or hiring someone I would 100% recommend Mandy. It made such an impact on my business to have her as a professional guiding me through a process to find a resolution.

    It can be hard running a business on your own and having HR support on your side is not always the first investment you think of but working with Mandy is worth every penny.

    HR refresh and Mandy has been a perfect HR partner for our company. Not only has her service been able to take all HR related matters off our very busy plate but helped and guided us in the very important employee strategy. Her service helped us with all our hiring documents, policies and process. Additionally, she was able to review and advice on all our employee decision and being meticulous through out. Her experience enables her to provide enterprise level service for a startup environment. A great find and thanks again for everything in the past and look forward to continually working with you.

    Mandy was so helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. She talked through all the issues clearly and I had trust and faith in her guidance. Could not recommend higher!!!! Thank you

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