HR Bundle for Micro Businesses (2 to 5 employees)

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Are you a small business owner that has around 3 to 5 employees and you would you love some dedicated HR support, but you’re worried it would be too rigid or expensive? If so, this HR Bundles could be exactly what you need.

What are HR bundles? 

Essentially, it’s your one-stop-shop for all your HR needs.

They are a combination of my most popular services to give you everything you need to create your dream team, save time, solve problems and avoid making costly legal mistakes, offered as a package at a discounted price. You’ll SAVE £801 by buying this bundle vs. buying these items individually.

What’s included

1-1 HR Support – You’ll get 2 hours of HR Support, which you can use anytime over a 12-month period. Your 1-1 time with Mandy can be used for HR Strategies, Advice, 1-1 Training, People Management Mentoring or you can outsource HR Projects or HR admin.

People Management Training – You’ll get enrolled in my next People Management Bootcamp, which is will give you the skills and confidence to lead your team with confidence. You’ll get my proven framework to enable you to set objectives, run team meetings and have difficult conversations. Click here to read more about the Bootcamp. 

Access to HR Toolkits & Templates – You’ll get unlimited access to all my Toolkits & Templates for 12-months, including a range of Employment Contracts, HR Policies, How To Guides, Template Letters and Forms and more. Each month I’ll be adding new content and if there’s something specific you want, just ask.

So, you’ll benefit from:


Get game-changing HR strategies to help you build a more profitable team, that is set up to deliver your goals faster


No more going round in circles – Having access to advice, resources and outsourcing work as and when you need help, will enable you to free up your time


Have peace of mind knowing you are legally compliant by accessing my top quality templates and having a dedicated HR Director on hand to listen when you need some advice


My Bootcamp will empower you to lead people with confidence, by giving you the skills and techniques needed to manage people brilliantly 


Start building your dream team and hiring people you love to work with, so you enjoy leading your team, rather than dreading it

Plus I’ll answer all your questions and concerns, and ensure you are clear on what they all mean and help you implement them into your business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You book your call with me (using the ‘book now’ button below).
  2. I’ll send you a short questionnaire, so I can get to know you, your business and your team
  3. We’ll set up an initial call to get to know each other a bit better and talk about what your priorities and HR needs – and how I can best support you
  4. I’ll give you access to all my HR Resources (via Dropbox) and I’ll add to these each month)
  5. I’ll give you a link to book time with me, to use your time as and when you want to
  6. I’ll enrol you on my next People Manager Bootcamp (or the one after if that’s not convenient)



Q1. Who’s this package for?

Any entrepreneur or tech start-up business owner that wants fast results to get their new business set up for success.

Q2. How long will I wait to speak to you?

I’ll aim to prioritise your call – but it should be within 72 hours

Q3. Are you experienced in HR?

Yes. I’m a qualified HR professional. I’ve provided this service to lots of clients, from tech start-ups, charities, manufacturing and service businesses. You’re in safe hands.

Q4. Can you send out contracts to all my employees on my behalf?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

Q5. Can you create a bespoke contract for me?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

Q6. Can you help me with an absence issue?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

Q7. Can you help me with recruitment?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

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Price: £995.00

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