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Are you a small business owner that would you love some dedicated HR support plus unlimited HR Templates, but you’re worried it would be too rigid or expensive? If so, this annual membership could be exactly what you need.

What’s included in the membership:

1-1 HR Support – You’ll get 3 hours of HR Support, which you can use anytime over a 12-month period. Your 1-1 time with Mandy can be used for HR Strategies, Advice, 1-1 Training, People Management Mentoring or you can outsource HR Projects or HR admin.

Access to HR Toolkits & Templates – You’ll get unlimited access to all my Toolkits & Templates for 12-months, including a range of Employment Contracts, HR Policies, How To Guides and more. Each month I’ll be adding new content and if there’s something specific you want, just ask.

Employment Law Updates – When the law changes, I’ll let you know in simple, easy to understand language. Plus I’ll update all the templates, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything important

So, you’ll benefit from:


Get advice and tools to help you build a more profitable team, that is set up to deliver your goals faster


Have peace of mind knowing you are legally compliant by accessing my top quality templates and having a dedicated HR Director on hand to listen when you need some advice


No more going round in circles – You can access forms and templates and get access to HR advice, resources as and when you need help to save time


Knowing you have up-to-date tools and templates, and if you have employee issues or concerns, you have a dedicated HR person to help you find the right solution.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You buy the annual package which is £999
  2. I’ll give you access to all my HR Resources (via Dropbox) and I’ll add to these each month
  3. I’ll give you a link to book time with me, to use your time as and when you want to.
  4. If you have quick questions or you’re looking for a specific template, you can ask at any time via my VIP email account and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. Any template requests will be added to your Dropbox account.

Q1. Who’s this membership for?

Any entrepreneur or start-up business owner that wants fast results to get their new business set up for success. Or any established business, where you don’t have the HR essentials in place.

Q2. How long will I wait to speak to you?

I’ll aim to prioritise your call – but it should be within 72 hours

Q3. Are you experienced in HR?

Yes. I’m a qualified HR professional. I’ve provided this service to lots of clients, from tech start-ups, charities, manufacturing and service businesses. You’re in safe hands.

Q4. Can you send out contracts to all my employees on my behalf?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

Q5. Can you create a bespoke contract for me?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

Q6. Can you help me with an absence issue?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

Q7. Can you help me with recruitment?

Yes. If that’s how you would like to spend your hours

Q8. Do you offer a payment plan?

No, not at this time

Q9. Will I always get HR Advice from Mandy?



5.00 Read reviews (1)

Price: £999.00

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Customer reviews

5.00 Read reviews (1)

    Like many small companies, we didn’t fully appreciate HR. While we knew we needed the basics as an employer, we always viewed additional HR services as something that would be costly for our business. However, spending just a few hours with Mandy at HR Refresh completely opened my eyes to why HR is just as important in a small business, and how it actually doesn’t have to cost the earth. From the outset it was clear Mandy had done her research on our company, and she had the knowledge and experience to advise what we needed to do to make sure we had the right contracts and policies in place. As a result, Mandy has provided us with a package specifically tailored for our business which will support us and our employees as we grow.

    I would absolutely recommend Mandy and HR Refresh, she certainly made my experience hassle free, easy and affordable.

    Tom Marren,
    Coventry Scale Company Ltd.

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