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A good job description and advert are the foundation of successful hiring. Without them, you could hire the wrong person or fail to attract the best people to work for you.

Why Job Descriptions Are Important?

Writing a good job description is important for every business owner whether you have a small or large business. Job descriptions should align with your company’s vision and can be the foundation of your hiring and recruiting strategies.

But why are they important?

  • They set clear expectations – Job descriptions let potential and current employees know exactly what knowledge, skills, and abilities you want in that position. If you hire a candidate that doesn’t understand clear expectations before they start, they may not be able to perform at the level you need them to.
  • They make interviewing easier – Interview questions should be based on your job descriptions. If you want someone to be able to do a specific task, then your job description should reflect this. Also, make sure your interview questions ask for specific examples of how they have done those tasks and not if they have done them.
  • They help with Performance Management – If someone is not meeting the requirements of the role, having a job description makes is easier to point out the gaps and what you expect.

Why Job Adverts Are Important?

Would you apply for a job if the advert didn’t accurately describe the role, the company and the responsibilities of the position? Of course not! A compelling job advert is essential to encourage the best people to apply for your job and one of the key skills to grab their attention in a competitive market, is the wording of your job advert.

Why purchase these Templates?

Expertly written

Written with care by Mandy Hamerla, an experienced and qualified HR Director with 20 years of experience. These ready-made template are what I use with my clients, to clarity what we are looking for and wording I tailor to advertise  jobs on behalf of clients.

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Upon purchase, you’ll instantly receive:

  • A job description template, so you’re clear on what you need the person to do
  • A job advert template, with an example to help you attract the best people to work for you
  • Plus if you get stuck you can ask me unlimited questions via my private Facebook community.

Q1: Why do I need this item?

To help you write a compelling job advert, that attracts the best people to apply for your jobs

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Q4. I have a question – who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please email

Q5. I haven’t written a job description or job advert before. Is it complicated?  

No. These templates are designed to make it easy for you.

Q6. How long will it take to write them?

Approximately around 15 minutes.

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