Pay as you go: Virtual HR Advice (book online)

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Looking for urgent HR advice that’s friendly, affordable and convenient, to help you solve a problem that’s draining your time and energy?

Then this is for you.

As a business owner, you are bound to have tricky employee issues from time to time. So when they arise you have three choices.

  1. Put your head in the sand and hope the issue goes away. (Sorry to burst your bubble, but ignoring it can make it a whole lot worse)
  2. Spend time Googling the issue yourself in an attempt to figure out what to do… but you find a wealth of confusing or conflicting information and you’re no further ahead!
  3. Get HR advice that works in the real world from a friendly, savvy professional, without HR jargon or text book answers!

I think you know what you should do!

Luckily, I’ve got GOOD NEWS. 

I offer pay as you go HR advice. I love helping business owners solve problems so I wanted to create a really valuable service that goes above and beyond our competitors

This pay as you go HR advice service is personal, as you will always talk to me, Mandy Hamerla. You can , book an appointment that’s convenient for you, before you pay and if you have any quick questions after our call I’m happy to help to extra cost.

For just £149 you get 60 minutes of my undivided attention and years of experience where I’ll find you a solution to your problem that you feel comfortable with.

The types of employees issues I can help with are:

  • Absence
  • Bullying / Discrimination
  • Disciplinary or Dismissals
  • Employee Complaints / Grievances
  • Employee Engagement
  • Flexible Working Requests
  • Hiring for the first time
  • Managing / Motivating People
  • New Joiners / Probation
  • Poor Performance / Bad attitudes / Lazy Employees
  • Planning for difficult conversations
  • Recruitment & interviewing techniques
  • Restructures & Redundancy

If you’re problem is more about how you lead your team (i.e. not an issue about an individual) and you want to feel more empowered, educated and equipped to manage your team, you may prefer my ‘Mentoring service’ instead.

If you’re ready to take positive action and feel like a weights been lifted off your shoulders then click the ‘book now’ button =>


  1. Expert HR Advice: You get 60 minutes with me (Mandy Hamerla) via phone or Skype to pick my brains, understand your options and get clear on exactly how you’re going to tackle the issue
  2. Ongoing support – You will be invited to join my ‘secret’ free Facebook group, where you can ask me unlimited quick questions, so you have continuing support.


Q1. What if I don’t use the full 60 mins?

A1.  It’s unlikely we won’t use the majority of the time, but I’m happy to provide extra support on another matter if needed


No reviews yet!