Virtual Assistant Contract Template

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is often one of the first, yet most important hires that you can make as an entrepreneur.

Until you have someone on your team that you can delegate specific tasks to, you will continue to waste valuable time and energy on activities that don’t actually contribute to the growth of your business.

What you get

You’ll get a comprehensive VA Contract Template which covers everything you need, such as fee and payment terms, copyright and confidentiality, GDPR assurance, indemnification if they make a mistake and contract termination. This contract is

  • Completely customisable including your company logo and details
  • Compliant with 2018 Employment Legislation for England, including GDPR
  • Easy to personalise for your business (with instructions & FAQs)

Plus if you get stuck you can ask me unlimited questions via my private Facebook community.

What paragraphs are in the Agreement?

This VA contract template covers the important things you need, including:

  • Appointment & Employment Status – Clarifies they will provide the services in the Schedule and they are a self-employed Contractor, not an Employee
  • Performance of the Services – Set’s out your expectations of their performance
  • Absence / Leave – This confirms they are not entitled to any holiday, sick pay or pension
  • Payment – This confirms the rate of pay will be on the Schedule page
  • Taxation – this confirms they are responsible for paying their own Tax, VAT, National Insurance and any other taxes and fees as required.
  • Liabilities, Indemnity & Insurance – This means that they need to have their own insurance and they cannot sue you for any loss or costs they incur.
  • Confidentiality – This asks then not to disclose any confidential information
  • Termination – This confirms how the contract can end and what they need to return to you at the end
  • Data Protection – This complies with your GDPR regulations. If you have a Privacy Policy on your website, you can link it here.
  • Restrictions – This essentially confirms they cannot use the information they have access to, to their personal advantage.
  • Conflict of Interest – This asks them to inform you if there could be (or is) a conflict of interest with any other clients they have e.g. working with you and your competitor
  • Health & Safety – This confirms their Health & Safety responsibilities
    Personal Belongings – This confirms you are not responsible if they experience any loss or theft.
  • Miscellaneous – this is a catch-all to ensure it’s as watertight as it can be to protect your company.
  • Governing Law – this confirms you operate within the laws of England.
  • The Schedule – Confirms the specifics of what you agreed e.g. fee and dates


Q1: Why do I need this item?

It’s in your best interests to protect your business by having a robust contract in place. And not having a contract with the important paragraphs could leave you open to BIG legal risks. The kind that could potentially destroy the business you’ve worked so hard to create.

Q2: How can I purchase this item?

Click on the ‘add to basket’ button and proceed to checkout.

Q3. When will I receive this item?

After purchasing this product, you’ll receive an instant email with a link to download the documents.

Q4. I have a question – who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please email

Q5. Is it complicated to personalise the VA Contract 

No. All you need to do is change the bits highlighted in red, so it’s personalised for your business and send it to you fabulous new VA and get a signed copy back

Q6. How long will it take to personalise the Contract 

Approximately around 10 minutes

Q7. What’s the employment status for the contract 

This is to hire a self-employed Virtual Assistant, based in the UK.

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