After just 6 weeks, you'll feel MORE CONFIDENT to lead your team, because you'll have the SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES to stop stressing about managing people and take back control of your business. 


Does any of this sound familiar?


You’ve never had any training on how to manage people. And it's not something you're partcularly good at (or enjoy). You would love some techniques to help you with thing like running team meetings and setting objectives to make life easier

You're worry your team don't like you. But it's important you feel liked and respected as the boss. You're trying your best, but your team don't seem to approacitate your efforts which is leaving you frustrated 

You want to take back control of your business - Perhaps you have a nightmare employee or you just feel overwhelmed about HR. You want to make positive changes knowing you have the support and experience of an HR Director behind you.

You’re putting off having that difficult conversation. You know you need to do it, but you’re hoping the issue will just go away. Whether it's poor performance or a bad attitude, you need some help to tackle the issue. 


Many business owners are facing similar team challenges. 

Which is exactly why I decided to offer a 1-1 Leadership Programme

Sound good? Here's a bit more information


It's a 6-week programme, where we have a virtual session each week. Each session is designed to boost your confidence, knowledge and skills around managing people. You'll also get unlimited calls and emails during this period for extra support.  

It's suitable for anyone that's managing people for the first time, as well as those who have been managing a team for a while (but perhaps never had any formal training or want to learn some new, modern techniques).  

What makes this programme unique is that it's a bespoke combinating of training, coaching, advice and mentoring, to suit your specific needs and get you the best results. 

The programme begins with us identifying your biggest concerns and skills gaps. Then we'll agree the focus and outcomes for the 6-week period, to get you to where you want to be. 

After just 6 weeks, you'll feel MORE CONFIDENT to lead your team, because you'll have the SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES to stop stressing about managing people and take back control of your business. My strategies have been used to help hundreds of people, just like you.  

I'm equipped to help you, because I have led large global teams myself. As a qualified and experienced HR Director, I've also run leadership training programmes with incredible feedback and coached/advised hundreds of people over the years to help them become better leaders. 

What we'll cover together


Your 6-week programme will be tailored specifically to your needs. Therefore, there is no set framework or agenda to follow. But here are some areas we could cover together. 

Interviewing skills. Delegation. Running team meetings. Motivation techniques. Addressing poor performance. Setting performance objectives. Getting respect from your team members. Giving feedback. Having difficult conversations. If you dread running team meetings, then we'll focus on creating a format that inspires and motivates people and gets results



“Since working with Mandy I have gained a new sense of clarity and confidence for my business. It is so refreshing to work with someone that has your interests at heart and you know is always giving you the most professional, legal advice”

Michelle O'Neill, Purity Beauty

"The key to Mandy's success lies in the fact that she really cares about people and developing their career and aspirations - she provides the tools and support that helps people to reach their full potential. What shines through is her kindness and respect"

Anna Clarkson, Pearson


Then please complete my application form so I can understand a bit more about what you're looking for and I'll be in touch to arrange a free consultation. 

Please note this is currently just the application phase. You won't have to pay or sign anything until we've both agreed to go ahead with the coaching. 

The total investment is £1,997

If you have a question or want to chat first, then please email me at

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