So you want to know more about me? Here’s everything you need to know

23rd January 2018

Perhaps you’ve read my ‘About’ page, but now you’re looking for more information about me, before committing to working together. Here’s everything you need to know about my career so far.

Hi. I’m Mandy Hamerla. It’s good to ‘meet’ you. 

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, then you’ll know that I help UK entrepreneurs to hire their first employee and I work with a range of UK businesses to create a happier, more productive working environment and solve the problems that keep them awake at night.

I do this through 1-1 HR advice sessions, providing an outsourced HR service and by creating a range of downloadable resources such as how-to guides, contract and HR policy templates etc.

But perhaps what you don’t know if why I gave up my 6-figure corporate job working as a HR Director / Head of HR, travelling business class to New York every other month, in order to set up my own company and work with much smaller businesses!

Here’s my story:

I’ve spent most of my HR career working in big corporates, but I’ve never been a ‘typical’ HR professional. I was able to progress quickly up the corporate ladder by challenging the status quo, getting results and encouraging managers to treat and communicate to employees like humans.

At the age of 25 I was promoted to HR Manager. And by the age of 30 I took on my first role as Global HR Director, managing a team of 25 people across multiple countries. I also have a degree and Masters in HR Management.

What I love most about what I do is knowing I’ve made a real difference to people’s lives. I believe people can make or break a business and great HR is about finding new and innovative ways to enable a company to hire, manage, motivate, reward and keep the best people.

Why I started HR Refresh

After I had my first son, things changed. I gave up my big corporate job in London, working as the Global HR Director for Pearson Technology because it wasn’t feasible with all the travel involved. I found a Head of HR job 5 minutes down the road, but it didn’t excite me or challenge me.

After helping some friends with their HR issues (as a favour), I noticed that the only options available to small businesses in need of HR support were (1) expensive consultants, (2) call-centres (like ACAS or some that come free with other services, but I’m told you get unhelpful, textbook answers from someone who had no experience of real-world HR) or (3) being tied into lengthy subscriptions. Also, a lot of the HR companies are very old-school, offering traditional HR methods which don’t really work for creative, modern companies.

I saw there was gap in the market to offer ‘refreshingly different’ HR in a more flexible, affordable and convenient way. I knew that I could help the business owners that were struggling with HR issues, from lacking confidence about how to manage people, through to getting a robust employment contract in place.

So I quit my job and started my own company – called HR Refresh!

I did my research, set up a website, and got my first client the first week I launched. Now, the majority of my work comes from referrals and I’ve worked with all kinds of companies from tech start ups, charities, retailers, manufacturers and a hen party company.

My first year of running HR Refresh

It’s now been over a year since I set up HR Refresh and it’s been an incredible journey. HR Refresh has proven to be hugely popular and I’ve now hired two people to work with me.  I love being able to work in a variety of small businesses in a more creative way, without the challenges that comes with corporate life.

My values today remain the same – to offer HR that works in today’s modern world, and work with integrity, energy and pace.

I don’t quite make as much money as I did in my corporate job, but I’m a lot happier.

This month, I’ve set up a secret (and free) Facebook group and I’d love you to join. Here’s the description of the group which is called: Hire, Fire & Inspire- with Mandy Hamerla.

If you think we’d be a good match and you’d like us to work together to solve your HR + people management issues, you can read more here about the services I offer.


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