The ultimate Leadership training programme for small business owners that want to stop stressing about managing people and want the skills, techniques and confidence to create a happier, more profitable team.  

Does any of this sound familiar?


You’ve never had any training on how to manage people. And it's not something you're partcularly good at (or enjoy). You would love some techniques to help you with thing like running team meetings and setting objectives to make life easier

You’re not meeting your business goals. You’ve hired people to help you achieve your goals faster. But for whatever reason, things aren't going to plan. You need some help ensuring that your team are delivering what you need.  

You're worry your team don't like you. But it's important you feel liked and respected as the boss. You're trying your best, but your team don't seem to approacitate your efforts which is leaving you frustrated

You’re putting off having that difficult conversation. You know you need to do it, but you’re hoping the issue will just go away. Whether it's poor performance or a bad attitude, you need some help to tackle the issue.  


Many business owners are facing similar team challenges. 

Which is exactly why I decided to create my People Manager Bootcamp

What is the People Manager Bootcamp?


This leadership training programme is for ambitious, business owners, like you. 

This programme is led by Mandy Hamerla, Global HR Director and the founder of Mandy helps ambitious smal business owners to build their dream team, by giving them the strategies and tools to hire, inspire and fire people to build a happier, more profitable team. Mandy is a qualified and experienced HR Director who has managed large teams herself, so she knows first hand the challenges of managing people. 

After completing this programme, you'll feel MORE CONFIDENT to lead your team, because you'll have the SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES to stop stressing about managing people and start leading with confidence. These proven strategies have been used to help hundreds of people, like you.  

This programme is suitable for anyone that's managing people for the first time, as well as those who have been managing a team for a while (but have never had any formal training or want to learn some new, modern techniques).  

Essentially, you'll get a practical framework so you can build a happier, more profitable team.

What you'll learn 


  •  What kind of leader you want to be and what you want your team to be saying about you
  • How to run team meetings and 1-1's that inspire and motivate people
  •  How to set performance objectives to boost profits 
  •  How to delegate without feeling like you're losing control 
  •  Whether your team structure is helping or hindering you
  •  How to interview people, like a professional
  •  How to give constructive feedback and ask for what you want
  •  How to tackle performane issues, bad attitudes and absence
  •  The common reasons why people can sue you and how to prevent it
  •  The secret to making Contracts and Employment handbooks useful



“Since working with Mandy I have gained a new sense of clarity and confidence for my business. It is so refreshing to work with someone that has your interests at heart and you know is always giving you the most professional, legal advice”

Michelle O'Neill, Purity Beauty

"Mandy was so helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. She talked through all the issues clearly and I had trust and faith in her guidance. Could not recommend higher!!!! Thank you"  

Alison Marriot - Founder of Kingfisher  

But sadly, the Bootcamp is currently closed 

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