What does a HR Director actually do? And how will you know if you need one?

17th January 2018

If you’re thinking about getting some HR support for your growing business, and you’re not sure whether you need the expertise of a HR Administrator, Manager or Director, let me explain the difference.

Here’s how it works

  • The HR Director creates HR strategies, that will enable you to achieve your goals faster.
  • The HR Manager implements the strategies and takes care of the day to day HR operations e.g. recruiting, delivering training,  aspects, providing general advice, managing risk etc. ,
  • The HR Administrator takes care of the admin, i.e. preparing job offer packs, writing letters etc.

Each one plays a very useful role within a business. It just depends on your level of ambition and specific business needs in terms of which you need.

For my outsourced HR service, we work as a team of 3, so you get support from me (HR Director) but also my HR Manager and Administrator. This means you get the benefit of having a game-changing strategy, but you don’t have to pay a premium for me to undertake the admin tasks. This enables me to offer an affordable price for small businesses with big bold plans.


Here’s how an HR Director can help your business grow and succeed

  • Creating Game-changing HR strategies and solutions – These should underpin your business goals and can positively and negatively impact performance, productivity and profit. I identify what will accelerate your success and what’s slowing you down and create HR strategies and solutions that will make a real difference to your business and your bottom line.
  • Making you feel more confident about managing your team – through providing coaching, tips and techniques that are proven to be successful and enable you to have that difficult conversation in a way that gets results
  • Helping you better understand your workforce – Is your structure the most effective? Is there duplication? How much does it cost and is this right? How are people feeling about working for you? Are people really connected to your mission? Who are your best performers? Is your team cohesive and effective? And much more!
  • Helping you attract, recruit, motivate & keep the best and brightest people, by teaching you how to create a compelling employer brand and headhunting great people. A great HR Director can also help you make good decisions, by creating a shortlist of candidates and training you on interviewing and interviewing people on your behalf
  • Eliminate what’s draining your energy. It might be you putting off a difficult conversation with someone, or not knowing whether it’s the right time to grow your team. HR Directors help you restore your energy by helping you solve those problems.
  • Act as your voice of conscious by being your sounding board and person to share your worries and concerns with as well. Our job is to listen and help identify ways to tackle problems as well as challenge you to ensure you do the right thing
  • Help you create a great place to work, by building a high-performing, engaged workforce. Whether you just want to create more of a unified team, pulling together or you’re looking to become an award-winning employer, HR Directors figure out how to do this.
  • Reduce risk, giving you peace of mind – This could be helping you identify business contingency plans if your best or critical people decide to leave or ensuring you have the right policies, contracts etc in place to protect you from employment tribunals.
  • Support, teach and empower other HR Professionals – this can be through training, mentoring and sharing tools, resources, techniques and success stories

If you’re not getting support regarding any of the above, and you think you would benefit from having a dedicated, HR Director as part of your team, thats flexible, affordable and convenient and gets you extraordinary results – lets work together. Click here for details.

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